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About Us

Center for Environment and Agrochemicals is a society formed by members,
who are concerned with Indian ariculture and environment.As a committed
 and progressive body involved in science and industry,it focuses the cause
of Indian farmers through better agriculture,environment,health and safety.

Center for Environment and Agrochemicals has a large number of scientists,
industrialists and agriculturists,whose aim is t meet the needs of Indian ariculture.

The society members strongly feel that if we wish eliminate poverty and illiteracy
in the country,we will have to bring the latest technology in agriculture to Indian
farmers.The society is very much concerned about the protection of ecology
and environment.

CEA believes that if we want to provide adequate food and nutritional value to our
people,there is no alternative but to increase our agricultural production.By Proper
use of crop protection chemicals.

Today large number of farmers in India get training in the latest technologies in
agriculture.This has effected and given excellent results for the farmers.They 
have achieved remarkable feat in terms of increasing yield with proper safety 
and environment.

The Center will conduct research and development activities in the field of agriculture,agrochemicals and its effect on the environment.

It will also investigate into the condition of the farm workers,physical and
mental health of the farmers and thier family.

The Center will also publish the papers with thier findings.

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